Prof. Orr Dunkelman

Orr DunkelmanOrr Dunkelman is an associate professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Haifa. His research focuses on cryptanalysis, cryptography, security, and privacy, especially in the context of biometric data. Orr's work in symmetric-key cryptanalysis includes analyzing many ciphers and the introduction of several new cryptanalytic techniques.

Orr has worked on many of the most widely deployed ciphers such as the AES, KASUMI (used in 3G mobile networks), A5/1 (used in GSM networks), and IDEA. He has published over 80 publications in international venues, including the best paper awards from FSE 2012 and CRYTPO 2012. He has also served on more than 80 program committees, five times as a program chair, is the general chair of EUROCRYPT 2018, and has served on several boards and steering committees (e.g., the IACR board).

Orr has obtained his Ph.D. in computer science in 2006 from the Technion and a B.A. in computer science in 2000 from the Technion.