Prof. Gad Barzilai

Gad BarzilaiGad Barzilai is a full professor of law, political science and international studies, famous for his work on the politics of law, comparative law and politics, human rights and communities. Barzilai published heretofore 18 books and 173 articles in major academic refereed journals and publishing houses. He has been a full professor of law, societies and justice, and international studies at University of Washington, and the University of Haifa Faculty of Law.[1]Gad Barzilai has served as the Dean of the Faculty of Law (2012-2017) and starting from November 2016 he is the Vice Provost of University of Haifa.

He was a professor of political science and law at Tel Aviv University where he served (1996-2004) as its co-founder and co-director of the Law, Society and Politics Graduate Program