Dr. Lev Topor

lev1Dr. Lev Topor is a senior research fellow at the Center for Cyber Law and Policy at the Haifa University. His research interests include topics related to cyber influence and intervention by various international actors (States, organizations, companies, individuals) and their attempts to influence other states, undermine their sovereignty and democratic nature. Dr. Topor also investigates online terrorism, fraud, personations, extremism and racism online.
Dr. Topor completed his Doctorate at the Bar Ilan University in Israel. His dissertation examined anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist trends in the British Labour party under the rule of Jeremy Corbyn MP. The topic was analyzed with qualitative, quantitative and comparative methods and resulted in one of the largest datasets on the topic of political antisemitism worldwide. Lev also holds the prestigious Master’s degree in Diplomacy Studies from the TelAviv University and a Bachelor’s degree from the Open University in Israel.
Dr. Topor publishes articles about cyber interventions, dark webs, online racism and antisemitism. One of his articles about racism in the dark web won the Robert Wistrich annual award granted by the Vidal Sassoon center for the study of antisemitism in the Hebrew University.


Selected Recent Publications: