Dark Hatred Antisemitism on the Dark Web

PI: Lev Topor

Antisemitism is racism. While it is not broadly accepted in modern societies, it does exist in the margins, in places with no norms or regulations. The key purpose of this article is to develop a new conceptual research framework for the study of both antisemitism and racism. The dark web hosts a great deal of offensive and criminal activity; it also hosts racist and antisemitic activity. It is necessary, then, to search the dark web, the dank underbelly of society, for activity which is not accepted in conventional life. In order to make this conceptual research framework available to other researchers, an overview of racist antisemitic activity on the dark web will be presented and analyzed. As concluded, governments do not take sufficient action for the eradication of dark web racism as it is hidden from society and is very difficult to regulate. In contrast to the surface web, racists, antisemites, thrive there. Keywords.  ... Read More in the PDF FIle.