Fighting Fake Profiles in Israeli Elections

 "As we get closer to the election, the use of phishing and manipulation techniques will increase, especially in personal text messages. Ask yourself is this propaganda? Who is behind it and why did the message come to you? The success of the project depends on your ongoing reports. "
Dr. Ken-Dror Feldman ,CCLP
We gave fake profiles a whuge fight during Israeli elections on April 2019!!!
Getting ready for September 2019 elections!

We act!!!
The Center for Cyber Law&Policy collaborates with Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) against Iran cyber attack: 'The bots project'
Facebook removes over 2,600 fake pages and groups ,among them fake profiles designed to influence the Israeli elections by fake profiles streaming fake news.
"The students at the clinic have begun to work with many concerns, lest they identify fictitious accounts or misidentify them. The manual transition is not simple and sometimes debilitating, but knowing that the project is important to Israeli democracy spurs them on," said Dr. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman of the University of Law Haifa".

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