Dr. Mashor Housh

Mashor HoushDr. Housh is a faculty member at University of Haifa in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Faculty of Management. He joined the University of Haifa in October 2013 after a successful two-year Post-Doc at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Since May 2017 he is the head of the Global Green MBA program in the Faculty of Management.

Dr. Housh received his Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technion in 2007. His undergraduate studies focused on Hydrodynamics and Water Resources Engineering and Transportation Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. (direct track) in Hydrodynamics and Water Resources Engineering from the Technion in 2011. In his Ph.D., Dr. Housh developed and implemented models for optimal multi-year management of water quantities and qualities of large-scale water systems under uncertain hydrological conditions, which was applied to the Israeli National Water Supply System.

Dr. Housh is attentive to the decision making, policy, and model development in the Israeli water sector. Since 2014 he is part of a consulting team that develops management models for the Israeli Water Authority, to enhance the operation decisions of the national water supply system under future water resources and demands uncertainty. Dr. Housh’s models are currently in use to support decisions of the Israeli Water Authority.

Dr. Housh is also very active in research, his publications are published in top-tier journals in the field of water resources management as can be seen in the publication list. His innovative research was recently manifested in winning the first place award in the Battle of Cyber-Attacks Detection Algorithms organized by the EWRI of the ASCE

Selected Recent Publications: